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2BES Series

The 2BES series water ring vacuum pump and compressor is the product developed by our company combining the advanced technology of imported products. This product is not only efficient and energy-saving, but also suitable for long-term and continuous operation. Operating under rough vacuum, the working conditions of liquid ring pumps are often extremely harsh. The 2BES product has been designed with due consideration that it must be capable of removing various gases. It has been widely used in papermaking, coal mine, power plant, vacuum filtration, chemical industry, petrochemical industry, food processing and other industries. 2BES can be used with a variety of driving devices, such as belt drive, speed reducer, synchronous motor, frequency conversion governor, etc. In addition, in order to save space, a series operation mode driven by a motor can be adopted, and up to four pumps can be run in series at the same time. When equipped with the middle divider, the left and right parts of 2BE3 can operate under different vacuum degrees. As long as the suction pressure difference between these two parts is less than 80kPa, a 2BE3 vacuum pump can be used as two separate vacuum pumps, which further improves the operational flexibility of the 2BE3 vacuum pump. Main features: 1. There are large inspection ports on both sides of the pump cover, which can check the clearance, corrosion and scale. 2.2BES vacuum pump has reserved suction and exhaust flanges on the top and side at the same time when manufacturing, and it has the same caliber. Field installation is more flexible and convenient. 3. All bearings are equipped with imported bearings, which ensures accurate positioning of the impeller of the 2BES vacuum pump and high stability during operation. 4. The impeller material is all cast ductile iron or welded with steel plate and stainless steel plate, which fully ensures the stability of the impeller of the 2BES vacuum pump under various harsh conditions and greatly improves the service life of the 2BES vacuum pump. 5. The pump body is made of steel plate or stainless steel plate, which increases the service life of 2BES vacuum pump. 6. The belt pulley (belt drive) adopts the standard high-precision cone belt pulley, which is reliable in operation, long in service life and convenient for disassembly. 7. Unique upper air water separator saves space and effectively reduces noise. 8. All castings are made of resin sand with good surface quality. The surface of the castings need not be greasy, making the 2BE3 vacuum pump the best heat dissipation effect. 9. Mechanical seal (optional parts) shall adopt imported parts, fully ensuring no leakage during long operation of 2BES series vacuum pump.