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SJ Series

Characteristics: 1. Large pumping capacity. The air inlet and the air outlet are designed on the cone, and the cone opening is used as the air inlet channel to expand the air intake area and increase the air intake. The cone opening goes deep into the impeller chamber, making the air flow into the pump body passage more smooth and the amount of air pumped is improved. 2. Increase the suction capacity of the pump through the condensation nozzle.If there is a large amount of water vapor in the air intake, the efficiency of the vacuum pump will decline. Under the same air intake condition, if 150ml additional water enters the pump within 0.03m3, the SJ7 cone pump only decreases by 10%, higher than other vacuum pumps, so a condensation nozzle can be added at the pump inlet.The condense nozzle is added at the inlet of the cone pump, which can condense and condense the gas, and the condensed water enters the pump body. The efficiency of the pump decreases little, while the volume of the gas of the suction pump is greatly reduced due to condensation, which actually increases the pumping capacity of the pump. 3. Unique cone design, therefore the start-up current is small and more energy saving.The exhaust port of the plane pump is in the upper part of the pump, so the impeller is skewed to the upper part of the pump. When it is at rest, the liquid level is higher, so the starting current is large. The exhaust port of double-cone open vacuum pump is at the lower part of the pump, so the impeller is skewed to the lower part of the pump, and the liquid level is low when it is at rest, which avoids the water resistance when starting, so the starting current is small and the operation period is more energy-saving. 4. The cone pump shaft has the least force, and the shaft and bearing have a longer service life.The impeller of the flat disk pump is tilted toward the upper end of the housing, and the vent is on the upper part of the pump. When the pump is running, the compressive force of the flat disk pump is from the top down, that is, the force borne by the shaft is the sum of the compressive force and the gravity of the impeller itself. The impeller of the cone open vacuum pump is inclined to the lower part of the housing, and the exhaust port is in the lower part of the pump. Therefore, when the gas is compressed, the direction of compression force is from the bottom to the top, which can offset part of the self-weight of the impeller, so the axial force is the minimum. At the same time, this is also the cone pump bearing life is also relatively long reasons. 5.Strong ability to resist cavitation.The two-stage vacuum pump mainly solves the most harmful "cavitation damage" in power plants, and is a vacuum pump with strong resistance to cavitation. The two-stage vacuum pump adopts the two-stage design to reduce the compression ratio, prevent the bubble from breaking and effectively reduce the cavitation damage. The unique cone design can discharge the air bubbles from the vacuum pump, prevent the bubble from breaking and reduce the production of air erosion.