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Complete set of 2BW5

2BW5 series water ring vacuum pumps and compressors are high-efficiency energy-saving products developed by our factory based on years of scientific research and production experience and combined with advanced technology of similar products in the world. It is commonly used to suck out gasses free of solid particles, insoluble in water, and free of corrosive gases in order to create a vacuum and pressure in a closed container. By changing the resulting material, it can also be used to suck corrosive gases or to use corrosive liquids as working fluids. Widely used in paper, chemical, petrochemical, light industry, pharmaceutical, food, metallurgy, building materials, stone, coal washing, mineral processing, fertilizer and other industries. This series of pumps adopt single stage and single action structure, which has the advantages of simple structure, convenient maintenance, reliable operation, high efficiency and energy saving, and can adapt to harsh working conditions such as high displacement and load impact fluctuation.
We optimized the system design of key parts, such as distribution plate, impeller and pump shaft, simplified the structure, improved the performance and achieved energy saving. We used welded impeller, and the blades were punched and formed at one time, and the profile was reasonable. On the basis of all processing, the problem of dynamic balance is fundamentally solved. The impeller and the pump shaft adopt the hot pack interference fit, the performance is reliable, the operation is steady. After the impeller welding, the overall operation of heat treatment is good, and the blade has good toughness, so that the blade's impact resistance and bending resistance can be fundamentally guaranteed, and it can adapt to the adverse conditions of load impact fluctuations.

2BW5 series pumps, with air and water separator, have no exhaust port in multiple locations. The pump cover is provided with exhaust valve repair window. The clearance between the impeller and distribution plate is adjusted through the pressure cover at both ends of the positioning shaft.

I plant vacuum pump before the factory through the testing center, strict inspection and testing, excellent performance reliable durability.

Our company can produce this kind of vacuum pump with stainless steel material according to the user's demand, so as to meet the user's working condition and technological requirements.