Development history

Hubei shenlong pump industry co., LTD began to produce SZ series vacuum pumps, SH, S type medium-open centrifugal pumps, LE series vertical long shaft pumps, IS series single-stage single-suction centrifugal pumps and IH series chemical centrifugal pumps since 1980. In 1984, the former wuhan water pump factory introduced the German Siemens 2BE1 vacuum pump (complete set type: 2BW5), which is a plane type vacuum pump with distributor. In 1999, based on the original 2BE1, the 2BES series vacuum pump was independently developed by using CFD technology (computer-aided three-dimensional fluid design technology). In 2000, with the great changes brought about by the reform of state-owned enterprises, the main personnel of the original wuhan pump factory who participated in the introduction of Siemens vacuum pump technology joined the shenlong pump industry design team and introduced a large number of production, design and management technical talents from the factory, thus enabling our company to have the ability of product development and research.