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Company Introduction Hubei Shenlong Pump Co.,LTD was founded in 1983,with 105 million RMB of registered capital at present. It is member of China Pump Association. It is the designated water ring vacuum pump test centre in central China by the electric energy(Beijing) product certification center,and is one of the most important provided of PRVP products in China, it is also a major production base for the liquid vacuum pump products, and certified by ISO9001/ ISO14001/ OHSAS18001.   Shenlong Pump is closed to the eastern part of Optics Valley of Wuhan, in Gedian Economic and Technological development zone,it is accessible 25 minutes to Wuhan high-speed Rail station and 1 hour to Wuhan Tianhe airport.   The Company is built with usable space of 150,00,and employs more than 300 employees including 2 state-level experts and over 20 engineers and technicians.   Shenlong Pump is a national first-company that integrates R&D, manufacturing,and sales. It is capable of development ,hot and cold processing, complete manufacturing ,product testing and other strengths, as a leading manufacturer of vacuum acquisition equipment. It has been granted 15 national patents in vacuum acquisition, vacuum energy-saving ,vacuum drainage,vacuum cavitation protection and other technologies.   Our primary products include:2BE1/2BES/2BW5/SJ series vacuum pump.They are extensively used in electric power,mining,chemical factories,paper mills,coal and gas extraction,quarrying.